Car Seat Safety and Mirror Adjustment Event is Getting Closer

Stephens Media Group Reminder: The Upcoming Car Seat Safety Event is Just Around the Corner!

Attention ArkLaMiss,

As your trusted voice, Stephens Media Group is back with a timely reminder! Just a week ago, we highlighted the significance of a community-oriented initiative, our Car Seat Safety Event. The date is swiftly approaching, and we’re gearing up for an unforgettable day of education, community bonding, and proactive safety steps.

Remember, it’s happening on Saturday, September 23rd, from 10 am to 1 pm at The Assembly Church, located at 102 Blanchard Street in West Monroe, LA. Mark your calendars if you haven’t already!

The Stark Reality

Before we delve into the day’s highlights, let’s remind ourselves of the urgency. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2018, around 59% of car seats were misused, potentially decreasing their efficacy. This isn’t just a number—it’s a call to action. Here in Louisiana, motor vehicle accidents are the primary cause of death among children aged 1 to 13 years. This is our community, our children, and our future. It’s a reality that we can and should change.

More than Just a Seat – The Role of Mirrors

While car seat safety is paramount, there’s another unsung hero in our vehicles: the mirrors. Properly adjusted mirrors can drastically reduce blind spots, a leading cause of accidents on the road. The West Monroe Police Department will offer guidance on this very topic, ensuring drivers leave with an optimized field of vision. Remember, a split-second glance can make all the difference between a safe trip and a tragic accident.

Anticipate and Engaging Day

West Monroe Police Department Expertise: Their seasoned team will be at your service, offering first-hand demonstrations and guidance on correct car seat installation techniques and mirror adjustments.

Live Radio Broadcasts: Your favorite DJs from Rock 106, Sunny 98.3, The Wolf 92.3, and Now 103 will be on the scene, broadcasting live. They’ll be sharing safety tips, interviewing experts, and amplifying the community spirit.

Gratitude for Our Pillars of Support

Once again, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our event sponsors: Citizens Progressive Bank, Creed & Creed, and Community Health. Their unwavering support magnifies the event’s reach and impact.

Your Presence Matters

Each member of the Monroe community can make a difference. By coming together, we can instill a culture of safety that endures and is passed down to the next generation. Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure the youngest members of our community are protected every time they hit the road.

For last-minute details, schedules, and expert advice leading up to the event, keep your channels set to Rock 106, Sunny 98.3, The Wolf 92.3, or Now 103 or visit our websites.

At Stephens Media Group, our goal extends beyond the airwaves. It touches the heart of the community and its future. Let’s come together for the children of Monroe and make every journey safer. See you there!